About Us

Our experienced commercial diving team can undertake any diving task.  If required, we provide  full colour CCTV underwater video footage recordable to DVDs.
We are approved by Lloyds Register for in-water survey of ships and offshore mobile units.

All our divers:

  • are certified with Worksafe NZ (Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment)
  • are DNV certified
  • fully comply with AS/NZ 2299.1 2007 Occupational Diving Operations.
  • are certified diving to 30m.
  • wear full face masks with communication to the surface.

Our jobs include:

  • Shipping: Hull Surveys, anode replacement, DNV Certified
  • Inspections of: dams, bridges and piers, pipelines, intakes and outfalls
  • Salvage
  • Recovery
  • Safety divers for the TV and film Industry
  • Maintenance

Our story:

In late 2008, Fire & Safety Training Ltd (F&ST) staff recognised an opportunity to develop a commercial diving division of F&ST.  Gordon, F&ST’s Managing Director had identified a local need, working with fishing companies and Prime Port, and knew an experienced diver seeking employment.  Diving is a dangerous activity and F&ST took time and ensure everything was set up safely and correctly. 

Staff attended a month long training course in Australia to gain commercial diving certification; state of the art equipment was purchased;  safety procedures and risk management systems were approved.  Divers completed the mandatory medical checks and gained their Department of Labour Competency card.  FAST Diving was ready to launch as soon as the van they’d commissioned was ready.

Late 2009, a few days before the deadline they gave themselves to be ready, Gordon received a phone call with an urgent job required before a vessel could sail later that day.  Two of the three divers were out of town and the van was in pieces in a local workshop.  While the divers converged and a mechanic urgently assembled the speedily repaired van, Gordon was on the phone ensuring all insurances were comprehensive and current, and every facet of the process was compliant with rigid Department of Labour and Health and Safety requirements.   Within two hours, they were in the water, and later that day after the ship sailed, the F&ST diving team celebrated their first job. 

With over 10 years FAST Diving experience now, the company has a pool of experienced divers to call on and wide experience of diving in different environments.